Teaching Students Personal and Social Responsibility: An “Engaged Pedagogy” with Instructional Technologies

ID: 27691
Type: Brief Paper   Topic: Information Technology Diffusion/Integration

Room: 8
Wed, Mar. 31 11:50 AM-12:10 PM

Gouri Banerjee, Emmanuel College, United States

As educators confront increasing instances of cheating and illegal music downloads, they ask how these trends in student behavior can be altered. Institutional practices based on rules and standards, such as academic integrity and acceptable use policy, have become ineffective. Many teachers now believe that moral conduct can best be promoted within the context of the classroom by instilling awareness of ethical principles and theories and applying them to authentic contemporary case studies. Ethical principles should be applied to all disciplines, both liberal arts and sciences. The use of instructional technologies for this purpose can create rich learner-centered environments where students can reflect upon their values and speak and write about responsibilities to themselves and to society at large. Students can be equipped with an ethical framework for life. We will examine how instructional technology can be used to foster engagement and create an “engaged pedagogy” that is highly effective for ethics training.